Tabler Presbyterian Church, Inwood, WV
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church exterior The wooden frame structure of the Tabler Presbyterian Church represents and symbolizes an American icon. Built in the "American Gothic" style of church construction, it is stereotypical of thousands of other similar churches constructed throughout North America. It seemingly is the church building that represents Protestant rural churches in the U.S.A.

It is a white, wooden frames sanctuary with a stylized front stained-glass window, tall spire with a clear sounding church bell that is set off by a welcoming vestibule in the front. The church sits literally by the side of the road continuing to be a Christian witness in an ever-changing area.

The Cumberland Valley Railroad established the settlement at the turn of the century by building a rail station and telegraph office at the proximity of the north to south railroad. The railroad named the spot, "Tablers Station" after the Tabler family who were prominent land owners. A village sprang up in response to the rail commerce.

Later in 1910 a Presbyterian church was built that became known as the Tabler Presbyterian Church.

church interior The interior of the church supports the intent of the familiar floor plan. The pulpit furniture and pews are of the "golden oak" period and are the original ones. The sanctuary floor slants down toward the pulpit area, which was a feature of more costly buildings at the time of construction. The large stained glass windows face the pastor while he is conducting the services. It is distinctive in that its top curved window panes and arches make it appear very contemporary. Toward the north end of the sanctuary the "infinity circle window" faces the congregation with the Dove of Peace being a constant reminder of the love of God.

On October 30, 2010, the church will celebrate its centennial year. After nearly a century of use, the sanctuary continues to make God's Presence known in its location.

William D. Moore, Pastor
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